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The Carceral Capitalist State

The struggle against the carceral capitalist state is a struggle against the political and legal apparatuses which serve the interests of the ruling class, who exploit workers and expropriate peoples and their resources around the globe, who sap resources by investing in war, arming and militarizing a police force which terrorizes and murders our Black and brown comrades, our trans and gender non-conforming comrades, who privatize healthcare andschools and make them into a privilege for the few, who live parasitically on the backs of workers of all colors. To struggle against the carceral capitalist state today is to struggle against all of these things––against counterrevolution––and to bring about a new horizon for freedom and human flourishing.​​​​​​​

Ruth Wilson Gilmore, “Race and Globalization,” Geographies of Global Change, (2002)

Jordan T. Camp & Christina Heatherton, Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Lead to Black Lives Matter, (2016)

Jackie Wang, Carceral Capitalism, (2018)

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